Our mission is to help raise the consciousness of every individual SOUL on this planet by creating highly innovative, futuristic and sustainable products, designed to inspire environmentally friendly choices and protect planet Earth. POD-X ® puts the customer at the centre of its mission by focusing on the user’s experience and needs. Our product offers a solution to the use of disposable cups and bottles and the issue of carrying multiple hot and cold beverages in separate containers. SOUL allows you to carry hot and cold beverages simultaneously, so that you can free up your hands and space in your bag. One of our biggest missions here at POD-X ® is to protect the Earth, especially our beautiful oceans by eliminating single use bottles and cups. Convenient, beautiful, and functional products are the way forward. POD-X ® is here to create the rebirth of Earth.


The products designed by POD-X ® are here to inspire positive change. We want to end the use of disposables and create convenient, environmentally friendly alternatives for people to use. People can now nourish and hydrate on the go, without the fuss of carrying two separate bottles for hot and cold beverages. We want to inspire people to have a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle and mindset. Our inspiration comes from many sources such as the powerful, life-giving oceans, nature, space and beyond! We are inspired by the love and kindness of individuals, and we want to be a reminder to all, that we live in a beautiful world where we can all grow and contribute.


We have a huge interest in nature and space, hence the futuristic name POD-X®.
We wish to create products that help this planet and beyond. POD-X® products are designed to be beautifully functional and conscientious.

Earth, Ocean, Nature and Humanity in Unity.

P O D – X® V I S I O N : E A R T H

The Earth belongs to us all. Every creature, every ocean wave, every tree and every living Human and soul. We should be celebrating the natural world, but we should also be celebrating the human mind and the talents we were giving. We need to be using our minds consciously so that the things we create are made with good intentions, a pure heart and ultimately unite all for a better Planet Earth.

So our vision is simple:
Earth, Ocean, Nature and Humanity in unity. Follow our journey as we work on a Wonderful Product which we will reveal to you in months to come. Our futuristic design is out of this world ready to land and unite all these 4 elements.


We offer you a product that is truly innovative. The bottle’s split design allows users to carry hot and cold beverages simultaneously, enabling you to have more whilst carrying less. SOUL is stunningly designed, durable and hygienic. We have made it a priority to allow effortless cleaning, with no hard-to-reach areas. The bottle is made of 100 % recyclable, BPA-free plastic. Compared to glass or aluminium, this has the advantage that it does not easily break or dent and is better at preventing bacterial formation. POD-X® does not cut corners. An extensive amount of time, effort and resources were taken to make a beautiful and functional product. Our innovation approach must ultimately serve humanity.


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